NEMO Design Contract Work


In 2016, Alison was living and running her business in South Lake Tahoe, California. During her time there - she worked with Boarding for Breast Cancer to design marketing materials for their Shred the Love Event at Sierra at Tahoe. While volunteering at the event, Alison connected with Jett (a project manager at NEMO) and Trevor (One of the owners of NEMO) who were hosting the Shred the Love Event. Not knowing that she would move to Portland one year later - they exchanged information and went separate ways. Skip forward to the Fall of 2017 Alison moved to Portland, and called Jett for happy hour - as she was the only connection in Portland that Alison had. This relationship has become the gateway to bring Alison into NEMO as an independent contractor.

While at NEMO, Alison has been working with multiple teams and accounts to provide fresh ideas, and design. Through this experience, she has had the opportunity to create for clients like Mammoth Mountain, Oakley, IKON, Mastercraft, RC Pets, and more. Alison will continue working as an independent contractor for NEMO Design throughout 2018 while continuing to serve her clients at Perspektiiv Design Co. 

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