The Perspektiiv Etsy Shop

I am thrilled to announce that Perspektiiv Design Co. now has an Etsy Shop! The Perspektiiv Design Co. Etsy has given me the opportunity to create more freely, and share my love of minimalist design, interior design, and organization with more than just corporate businesses. Here, you will find an eclectic mix of my designs that are created to bring peace, and positivity into your life.


Printable Art

Instant downloadable wall art, and greeting cards make it easy to beautify your interior space, or send a unique message to a friend. Print at home, or send to a local or online printer for larger prints. Each print comes in 4 sizes, so you are guaranteed to have a high quality print whether you are sending a small greeting card, or placing the art in a large frame. Looking for a custom piece? Send us a message, and we will create a custom print designed just for you.


Customizable Logos

Not everyone can afford a full branding package. Now, we have provided a solution. Pre-made logos that upon your purchase, are edited to include your business name and tagline. Resulting in an affordable, beautifully designed logo. With purchase, you will receive 4 final logo files for print and web use.


Organizational Materials

Printable calendars, to do lists, grocery lists, bullet journal templates and more - created for those who want to get sh*t done, beautifully. 


Favorite our shop to learn about upcoming products such as: Printable Art (Wall Art + Greeting Cards), Customizable Logo Designs, Printable Organizational Materials (Calendars, To Do Lists, + Bullet Journal Sheets), and Graphic Design Packages (Logo + Branding Packages).

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