Perspektiiv Design Co. is a creative studio based in Portland, Oregon. Created in 2013 - Perspektiiv Design Co. works with entrepreneurs, businesses of all sizes, creative agencies, and non-profits to bring creative dreams to life. We pride ourselves on personable communication, long term relationships, and high quality deliverables. There are never boundaries on what can be created here. To show your full story, personality in the brand, reach your target market, and make it truly reflect who you or your product are, work with Perspektiiv Design Co. 



Alison Lebofsky - FOUNDER

An entrepreneur, creative, graphic designer, marketing expert and the owner of Perspektiiv Design Co. Alison is from Denver, Colorado and currently living and enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado on the Dean's List where she received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Business Art & Graphic Design. Alison also attended Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design where she acquired fine arts and graphic design skills, as well as a in depth perspective for the art world. Alison has studied design in Germany, Czech Republic, Iceland, and Finland. Her international knowledge of design can be seen within all of her work. Alison has worked as a professional graphic designer for 7 years, working with well known companies such as Shane Co., Sweet Grass Kitchen, Smith Optics Colorado, and more. She founded Perspektiiv Design Co. in 2013 with a mission to connect with business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives around the world, and supply them with the unique, high quality designs that they so well deserve.

Alison currently runs Perspektiiv Design Co. from her home office in Portland + Co-Working Space at The Weller Society. She is accompanied by her two lovely freelancers - Kelsey and Madeline. Alison also works as an independent contractor for NEMO Design - helping to lend a fresh set of eyes on projects with clients such as Oakley, Mastercraft, Mammoth Mountain, RC Pets, Nike, and more. Learn more about Alison, and Perspektiiv Design Co. on social media.

“It brings me happiness to provide others with unique, fitting designs and marketing strategies that they might not have had the opportunity to create themselves. I have a true love for creative design and entrepreneurship. Running Perspektiiv Design Co. has given me the opportunity to connect with other passionate, goal driven individuals, and help them grow their ventures and businesses. Being a graphic designer and marketing specialist let's me give back.  I absolutely love what I do."


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Madeline Bombardi - Content + Marketing Strategist

Madeline Bombardi is a marketing strategist and content creator at Perspektiiv Design Co. Madeline is from Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, but currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Madeline received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at Middle Tennessee State University and her Master in Science degree in Communication and Technology from Colorado State University. Madeline has worked as a creative content specialist for seven years and marketing specialist for almost four years. Madeline has collaborated on a variety of projects for small and large businesses and nonprofits. Madeline's central attention has been growing brand messages by utilizing media and market research. When outside the office you can expect to find Madeline hiking trails with with husband and pup Cricket. 


Kelsey Leigh - Graphic Designer

Kelsey Leigh is a freelance graphic designer & creative at Perspektiiv Design Co. After traveling around the US during college and gaining valuable life experience working odd jobs and freelancing on the side, she landed in sunny San Diego where she graduated with Highest Honors with an Associates in Visual Communications in 2012. Eager to round out her education and gain hands-on industry experience, she took an internship at a boutique design studio specializing in branding & print marketing, where she continued to hone her design and business skills working on diverse projects. Kelsey began freelancing immediately upon completing the internship, continuing to work with local entrepreneurs and creative agencies. Kelsey currently resides in Portland, OR where she continues to create and serve unique clients thoughtful design solutions and enjoy all that the pacific northwest has to offer.




Design is a creative approach of communication. It is an eye opener to the modern world that has the potential to educate, inspire, bring people together, sell ideas; and entertain the mind while communicating important messages. By creating work that is visually appealing, designers have the ability to imprint communication in a way that words alone cannot. This takes the audience away from everyday life, and shares the intention behind the design in a very memorizing way. Design should be an inventive arrangement, showing different qualities of design visuals and elements depending on the market and the client. The purpose, planning, and intentions that exist behind the design will differ from client to client, while still encompassing a creative approach to communication. We believe in a balance of work and play in design; keeping the passion fresh so it shows through all designs, while still maintaining a professional goal and unique objectives in all work. Design is a creative pursuit of impacting the world through passion and visual communication; it should stimulate brains in a way that most communication cannot. It is a beautiful thing.